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What are the best Upgrades for Chevy Silverado?

Chevy chevrolet silverado


Chevrolet Truck debuted in big fanfare more than 50 years ago, and has remained an icon of the American automobile industry ever since. Since Chevrolet Silverado is still a strong and stable image of hard-working American culture, ensuring the right accessories for your Chevrolet truck to become your own is a must.

If you love trucks, you should love Chevy trucks. That’s because no one brings more style and experience than this classic American car maker, whose trucks have been a thing of legend for decades. But even though Chevy manages to make its trucks pretty impressive off the line, what really makes the Chevy brand so impressive is its rapturous embrace of added parts, accessories and features that will help drivers make every Chevy car on the road more powerful, more enviable, and completely and unique.

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck is produced by General Motors company since 1998 and has many modifications. In normal Chevrolet Silverado can take on board only 575 kg of cargo, although analogues in this class “take” up to a ton of payload. However, when ordering a vehicle it is possible to choose an improved suspension modification and bring the amount of cargo taken on board to one ton.

The most powerful version of Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with an 8-cylinder diesel engine, developing a huge torque of 702 N*m. This unit is produced for Cummins trucks, however, it has increased fuel consumption for the pickup truck. Due to its large size, the Silverado Chevy pickup is not designed to operate in cramped urban environments; it needs space and off-road capability.

How can I make my Silverado look better?

Make sure that you check out all the available components in your vehicle: suspension, fuel system, steering, brakes, differential and exterior. If you’re changing up your interior to be better, it will make you look like an expert.

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado


Upgrading of the exhaust systems with two outputs with Chevrolet feedback.

For many people, the amount of exhaust that comes into their truck is all they will ever need – apart from the possible need for replacement if they are not careful on the road. But for some pickup truck owners, the basic exhaust system simply doesn’t scratch their itch for better performance and perfect sound from their truck. That’s when a high-performance exhaust upgrade becomes a great choice for you to get the best out of your truck. If you’re looking for the best exhaust system for your Chevy Silverado 1500, there are many options.

When it comes to the best exhaust system for your Silverado, it’s hard to make mistakes with the original manufacturer of your car. The standard exhaust system that comes with your Silverado will do, but if you want to upgrade, Chevy will provide you with the Chevy Performance Cat-Back dual exhaust system. This upgrade will give you a deeper and more complete sound for your engine, improve performance, and give you the confidence to use OEM Chevrolet parts.

Upgrading performance Chips for Chevy

Gone are the days when all your energy needs could be met by turning the spanner. Almost every system on these trucks these days is computer-controlled – for better or for worse. Personally, I say “for the best” because it gives you much more information and customization at your fingertips.

A tuner can help your computer better maximize the performance together with a good performance chip of other mods you add, give you the ability to monitor performance, and even take care of handy things like turning off Active Fuel Management or adjusting the speedometer for larger diameter tires. This is the age of your computer, accept it!

Seat Covers

These trucks inevitably end up with pretty hard work – which is good, this is what they are designed for – but the consequence is that some areas inevitably get more hits than others. Your seats are one of those places that would be lucky to avoid this kind of use unharmed.

Not only is it bad for the overall look and feel of your truck, day in, day out, but it hurts your resale value to tear up the tarnished seats as well. Fortunately, you have tons of good coverings to choose from almost any fabric you can imagine. From waterproof neoprene to genuine leather, and even hard ballistic canvas, you can keep your seats looking brand new for years to come.

Front exit bumper

If you think your Silverado isn’t tough enough to handle your business, why not add an extra layer of armor with an off-road front restoration bumper? They are very similar to typical Silverado front bumpers, except that they are made of reinforced coil steel. No matter what you hit, you will be much safer with an extra layer of steel between you and the rest of the world.

Some front regeneration bumpers can be modified by themselves. This way, you can install fog lights in the front for low light conditions. Installation is quick and easy. No modification of your truck is required to install the front regeneration bumper. All mounting aids must be included with the delivery.

Lifting kit

Don’t you think your Silverado is sitting high enough from the ground? Increase your ground clearance with the lift kit. Lift kits may seem intimidating when you first open them (think of dozens of nuts, bolts, screws, and washers), but the installation is actually quite user friendly. Each part of the Silverado lift kit is made of high quality materials. Especially the washers, which are hardened to maintain maximum strength and durability. In general, the lift kits increase ground clearance, eliminate the need for separators and ensure smooth running even after modification.

Guarding the rear wheel

If you drive heavily with Silverado, your car is constantly hitting, whether you know it or not. Over time, rocks, dirt and debris can damage the exposed body components of your car. Regardless of whether the constant stoning of your Silverado can cause any real long-term damage, it is a strictly individual case, but it must be accepted that tiny stones that hit you are never a good thing.

Correct tire storage

Snow cold winter black and white wheel

Seasonal tire storage is not as difficult as it might seem. However, there are some nuances here, both obvious and not so. Let’s find out whether it is possible to store the rubber in the garage or on the balcony, how to store the tire assembly with and without rims and what are the advantages and disadvantages of seasonal tire storage services, and in the end we will gather all the tips in a convenient infographics.

Does the situation look familiar? It snowed, and the summer wheels are quite whole and round sent to hibernation. And in the spring, the car turned into a vibromassager? The reason for that is banal – wrong storage.

Today we understand how important is the proper operation of car tires and how to store them properly.

How to store tires properly?

It is unlikely that anyone will dispute the fact that the storage of tyres takes up a large area, which would fit, for example, two bags of buckwheat. Nowadays, in many families, not one, but two cars. In this case, we need a garage with a separate place for this. And it is highly desirable if the necessary conditions are met.

Monochrome tire close up

The basic rules of tire storage

  1. Choose the right room: dry, ventilated, without direct sunlight. You should not leave the tires outdoors, even under a canopy, on bare metal, concrete or earthy floors. Most garages, basements, balconies and attics are not suitable for tire storage.
  2. Do not expose tyres to aggressive chemicals. Note that the concentration of ozone harmful to rubber can be increased in the vicinity of running motors, compressors, etc.
  3. Determine how you will store the tyres: only tyres or wheels assembled. In the latter case, balance them and do not bleed out the pressure.
  4. Be sure to wash the tires or wheels before storing them.
  5. Each tire should be packed separately in an airtight material. After making sure there is no moisture inside, remove the air from the bag and tape it.
  6. The storage rules for complete wheels and unassembled tires vary. In any case, ensure the same temperature and humidity on all sides of the tyre. For this purpose, it is recommended that they be placed on pallets, shelves or racks.

Storage of tyres without rims

It is best to store the tyres vertically mounted on the tread, as the load on them is minimal.

Do not stack the tyres, they will have sidewalls wrinkled and they will be tracked.

Never hang un-mounted tyres. If you do, they will deform.

Environment tire storage

Storing tyres on rims

Store the complete wheels suspended (behind the disc!) or stacked.

Do not store assembled wheels standing on the tread vertically.

If not stored correctly, the properties of the rubber used to make the tyres may change dramatically, making it dangerous or impossible to drive them at all.

Tyres will inevitably age. But these tips will help to prolong their life.

The properties of tyres in different market segments
An important characteristic of tyres is the treadwear coefficient. This is the degree of tyre tread wear to which any rubber is subject to operation.

Snow wheel vehicle

Budget treadwear

Budget tires lose their properties and qualities completely in a couple of months due to improper storage. Direct sunlight, high or low temperature or humidity changes the properties of rubber.

After six months, it becomes three to four times softer. The tire loses its round shape and starts beating, which speeds up wear and tear even more. Such tires begin to pose a danger to life.

The treadwear coefficient for budget tyres is the lowest. Tires wear out very quickly, lose a hitch, drive like on ice in the rain. The treadwear (indicated on the tire) may have quite high values, but in practice it is not true. The most interesting thing is that the wear resistance also falls when stored incorrectly. If they are exposed to sunlight, rainwater and in addition frozen, you will definitely have to retrain. In fact, such tires can be thrown away.

The average price segment of tyres

The mid-priced segment tires are made of tougher grades of rubber. Therefore, such tyres are less sensitive to environmental influences. Under unfavourable conditions, their rubber changes its properties not so rapidly. Tyres are more resistant to wear.

Car wheel

Premium tyres

The wear resistance coefficient in this segment is very low due to the fact that its composition is adapted to the maximum traction with the coated tyres. The tyres wear out very quickly but have high traction. They do not react to sunlight due to the properties of the material, but are very sensitive to dirt and reagents that are sprinkled on the road. Therefore, when laid for seasonal storage such tires must be washed. Keep in mind that shampoos used in car washes (especially non-contact washes) contain a lot of alkali, which is extremely harmful to rubber. In poorly washed tyres, the sidewall will deform over time: white film and small cracks will appear. You will roll on them during the season, but two or three will not be enough.

Where do you keep your tyres without wasting time and energy?

The easiest place to get your tyres to is where you usually make your tire service.

By making sure that the conditions for storage meet the requirements described above.

The tire service technician will check your tyres, replace them, deliver them to the storage facility, store them until next season, rework your car and accept the spare set. There is no need to contaminate the interior or trunk with tires, waste time on their delivery to tire service, worry if they have not stolen.

What are good services for seasonal tire storage?

Seasonal tire storage services, or so-called “tire hotels”, have gained some popularity. However, you should not think that the conditions of storage in them are strikingly different from the garages. Above we have already found that the tires are very unpretentious to the temperature and do not like only ultraviolet and high humidity, so that “tire hotels” are usually large hangars with sufficient ventilation. Therefore, seasonal storage service is aimed primarily at those who have nowhere to place a replacement set of tyres or wheels. Of the advantages, we can only mention a sink, which is neglected by many car owners and which is usually offered in services before storage. So if you don’t have a garage and your balcony is busy – perhaps a “tyre hotel” is really the best solution.

You’ll get rid of all the hassle of keeping your wheels in storage.